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David F. Davis, M.D.

Verified Patient

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Nikhil Joshi, M.D.

  • LeeAnn

    Dr. Joshi always does a very good exam. He makes you feel very comfortable about asking questions and he explains things very well.
  • Sue J

    I first met Dr. Joshi 11 years ago when my 39 year old daughter had a massive heart attack. He was the doctor on call and had he not been prompt in getting to the hospital and performing her surgery, she would have died. He has taken excellent care of her and she is do...
  • Verified Patient

    After surgery I had a small problem and Dr Joshi took immediate action to solve the problem!! Very attentive to his patient!!
  • Verified Patient

    Dr. Joshi is very smart and goes out of his way to do everything he can for you to get you to feeling better. He does a very thorough exam and follow up. His bedside manner is great.
  • Verified Patient

    Dr. Joshi diagnosed me with a problem my primary care missed. It turned out to be very serious. I had to wind up getting a pacemaker put in. He has an excellent bedside manner.
  • Verified Patient

    I have been going to Dr. Joshi for over ten years and fill he is a excellent doctor, very caring, and dedicated. He saved my life with his quick dianosis. He has a way that convienced me to lose over 100 lbs without preaching at me. He explains his findings very well ,...
  • Verified Patient

    Dr. Joshi was very thorough with me. He found a problem of mine that I have had for years that no one else was able to find. He has a extremely good beside manner. He doesn't mind explaining anything to you and he makes you very comfortable to ask any questions you hav...
  • Verified Patient

    Dr. Joshi is a very, caring doctor and talks to you in terms you can understand. His beside manner is great and he never rushes you.
  • Verified Patient

    Great doc. Would recommend highly.
  • Verified Patient

    Excellent caring doctor! Took great care of me and then I took my mother in to see him too!
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Tariq M. Yousuf, M.D.

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t ask for a cardiologist that is as professional and helpful as Dr. Yousuf. I had blockages in both legs, very little blood flow, and he was able to get them opened up and I can walk with no tiredness or weakness in legs! I recommend to everyone who wants a GREAT! Cardiologist!!
  • Gloria White

    Dr. Yousuf is wonderful – Fantastic Cardiologist. Referred other family members and friends to him. He has done a stent in my heart with great results. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, Dr. Yousuf is a 12+. Wonderful personality – Great bedside manner. Cute!! Sorry married.

  • Jimmy Daniel

    My husband was in A-fib two weeks ago came into see Dr. Yousuf and new meds were started that got him out of A-fib, therefore he did not have to shock his heart. He is amazing!
  • Charles Ollinger

    I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Yousuf. He throughly explains what is going on with your situation and really has caring attributes. He is integral in diagnosing a serious condition that will SAVE MY LIFE!!
    kudos to him and staff.
    Charles Ollinger
  • Josh C

    Virtual visit, very nice and took time to know what my ailments were. Very pleasant and professional.


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